You shoot. We edit. You market.

By Jess Frearson
Future Proof Films-2We wanted to find a way to help people to keep filming and creating during the Coronovirus.  Pro Remote Video is the perfect solution to creating professional-quality video content at a distance and without a film crew. Allowing you to be reactive and to continue marketing.

How it works

The process is simple and it all starts with a chat. We’ll deep-dive into what you and your company want to accomplish, discuss a few ideas and set up a shoot date.

You’ll then receive the Pro Remote Video kit that’s ready to use out of the box. On the day, we’ll be on-call should you need any help.

When you’ve captured that magic and finished filming, we’ll collect the equipment and, most importantly, your footage.

We’ll then edit it all up, giving you professional video content to power-up your marketing.

First time filming?

Shooting video can seem daunting. There are lots of variables and it’s easy to make mistakes. Which is why the Pro Remote Video kit is perfectly geared for first-time content creators. 

While it will be ready to use out of the box, we’ll also include a check-list for you to ensure you’ve got everything ready and right before you begin filming. Not that you should need it after our initial conversations into the ideas and how you can capture them.

And should you need any more help, we’ll be on-call on the day you’re filming to help you capture the best footage possible.


Far more than equipment hire

This service is way beyond equipment hire. Way, way beyond!

We’ll guide you through pre-production, supporting your ideas and giving you marketing advice to help you launch your content when it’s complete. We’re also on-call on the day you’re filming to help with any technical issues and to cap it all off, we edit what you film and turn it into memorable and attention-grabbing video content.

Safety first

The sole reason we created this service was to ensure our clients can keep marketing while staying safe. The remote aspect immediately prevents you from coming into close contact with anyone, enabling you to create incredible content from the comfort of your own home. 

We ship the kit ourselves if you’re local and use courier services for the rest of the UK. But no matter how you receive it, it will be a contact-free delivery. 

On top of that, every Pro Remote Video kit is deep-cleaned when we receive them back from a client and before we send them out to the next one. You’ll also get a pack of anti-bacterial wipes to keep the kit clean and in ship shape.

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