Why Entering Awards Can Benefit You and Your Business

By Mainframe

20201130_Mainframe_Awards_2020_credit_Charlotte_Jopling-33Justifying the time and energy to enter awards can seem hard, (even if the awards are relatively simple to enter like the those at Mainframe) and success as far as your business is concerned may also look very at the moment thanks to Covid. However, the benefits for you and your business of entering awards, especially in these challenging times, go far beyond having a lovely trophy to display. Whether you win, are shortlisted or just manage to get a submission completed, they are a route to personal and business growth.

  1. Gives you the opportunity to look back and plan forward

We are always on the work treadmill trying to move forward and rarely do we allow ourselves the space and time to look back and review what we’ve achieved either for ourselves or as a business. Awards are an opportunity for being proud and selling ourselves but also taking the time to see exactly where in our business our successes have come from (not always where you think) and planning where you might find them in the future.

  1. Improves your street credibility

Awards are a great way to get recognised professionally for your skills and achievements and something you can showcase to the world. Whether you’re looking to move on to your next job, get a promotion, succeed as a freelancer or grow your business.

  1. Attracts new opportunities

Award-winning businesses are consistently seen as more reputable and honest, even if consumers aren’t consciously aware of this perception. So, having an award to your name is a great way to attract new business and give your company an edge over the competition. Customers are drawn in by the idea that you’ve been independently reviewed and been found to excel. If you’ve been looking to compete with the bigger boys and girls in your sector, awards can give you the leverage to take a step up.

Awards can also open new doors and put you in the way of new opportunities on a personal level from speaking to events and more – your now seen as an expert!

  1. Connects you with talented people

Preview_20201130_Mainframe_Awards_2020_credit-Charlotte-Jopling-12Entering awards and being part of the community around them is a great way to connect with talented people in your industry and expand your network. Get involved in the conversations surrounding the event and see where it leads. Even getting your work in front of the judge is a positive step as it’s likely they have skills, experience and connections relevant to the category and, if you’ve chosen your category carefully, you and your business too.

  1. Improves employee moral

You may be a team of one or be part of a huge organisation, either way there is no doubt about the positive effect that awards can have on moral. Simply taking the time to look for the positives in your work is a boost in itself. Should you be looking to recruit there is nothing like a sprinkling of awards to tempt the best talent to your business.

Make Awards Part of Your Plan

Awards are not just a one-off effort. The content you create for the application can be used on social media, as copy for blog posts, to refresh pages on your website and as the basis for PR and more. They can form an important part of your marketing strategy both internally and externally so make them part of your business plan.

As you start to enter more awards the application you created for one will form the basis of the application for the next. It should get a little easier and quicker each time you apply (although keep your eyes peeled for the specific details – no two awards requirements are exactly the same). Check out our blog on “Top Tips For Writing An Awesome Award Entry” for the low down on producing a winning entry.

Are you new to entering awards? Don’t feel you have to go straight for the biggest national or even international awards – how about starting in your local area and we’ve just the place to start…

Key Dates


The Mainframe Awards 2021 are open!

Here are a couple of key dates for your diary:

31st January: The deadline for award nominations. Don’t wait for a nomination; we encourage you to recognise your own excellence and put yourself forward for the awards!

24th February: We’ll be announcing the shortlist (decided by our expert judging panel).

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