What was, what is and what could be … A COVID19 story

By Tim Elliott
Tim Elliott (1) (1)

Not for self promotion but just a little context let me start by introducing myself.

I’m Tim, I work as a solo / freelance consultant working with leaders and entrepreneurs to help them apply creativity to grow themselves and their organisations.

A strong 95% of work involves me facilitating groups of people for a day or a few days, in a room … or at least it did.


What was

Let me take you back to Friday March 13th - yep Friday the 13th if you believe it - That afternoon all the client work I had in the books cancelled.

Hello COVID19.

This caused me for the remainder of March mainly to sit in my garden, enjoying early year sunshine contemplating life, work and the possibility of having to go wild like a ferrel Ray Mears.

This ‘downtime’ as I now affectionately call it, was a blessing in disguise.

Out of every challenge comes growth.

I had been for as long as I can remember a ‘busy’ guy, up earlier, to the gym, out for the day of meetings, work, lunches sitting in traffic, all the stuff I knew as work till early evening.

So taking time out, really stopping created a clarity I hadn't had for a long time if not ever.

That clarity helped me see that business as I knew it came with baggage. There was stuff I did that came along with ‘work’ without thinking , it was just what happened  …

I don’t know how you lot have found it but work now seems to be less baggage and stuff and only focussed on the purposeful and impactful.

I‘ve spoken to friends who run businesses and with homeschooling and working with home they too have really needed to prioritise and focus the work they do in the time they have.

There is definitely positivity out of the covid challenge by this point.


What is ...

April and May to date have been really good.

I’m enjoying life.

New projects from good clients have arrived, old projects that cancelled have reappeared with slightly different context but a renewed vigour.

I am on day 53 in a row of morning Yoga and feel amazing.

I’m eating 3 square healthy meals and no snacks a day.

I’m planning not to change a great deal when the government says we can resume pre covid normality - if we choose too.


What could be 

Choice … A big word with lots of depth.

I know I’m biased and work in the space of innovation, growth change and creativity so this is really up my street but this last few months we as businesses have had the opportunity to expedite change and innovation while the normal, the day to day has been affected.

I have seen great cases of ideas and action:

  • http://openkitchens.co.uk/ came into being from a  creative agency and saas company
  • Engineering companies launching software products that were internal only like https://www.solverboard.com/
  • Enterprise companies spinning out training and e-learning courses 
  • Digital products
  • Subscription models 
  • Companies who didn't remote work or wouldn't consider it now do it daily 

There has been more permission and acceptance of trying something new and even a little left field. Competitors have collaborated. People have been upskilling and reskilling en-masse.

I know reports and smarter men than I are showing a tricky time for business and economy but out of challenge comes opportunity and the upside of what could be is massive

Its choice

Do you choose to look round corners you’ve not before?

Do you choose to be curious ?

Do you choose to capture opportunities you’ve not looked at before?


Do you choose to stay in your bunker?

Do you choose to wait for the status quo and hope not much has changed around you?

Covid19 helps us choose.

That's just my thinking and one man's perspective … one thing I do is that we had no choice about covid19 and lockdown and this experience is personalised.

Everyone's experience is theirs and theirs alone.  

No one has got the answer , there is no one size fits all solution to this challenge.

There's just choice.

Take care 

Tim Elliott