The Power of Awards

By Rachel Hayward (Managing Director, Ask The Chameleon)

YES…even right now, in the midst of lockdown 3 (sometimes the most irksome of sequels) I am here to tell you that putting yourself and your business forward into the spotlight for an award IS the right thing to do…

Because it's true....

Business awards are a fantastic way to gain exposure for you, your business, your products or services, your teams and they do help customers to decide who to spend their money with. Be honest - if you had to choose between chocolate and award-winning chocolate <said a la M&S advert voice, insert own food stuff or beverage>, which would you choose? The award-winning one, because they have been judged by other people and found to be of high quality, and so you will follow their lead.

And even in 2020-2021, awards still have a prominent part to play for small businesses and charities and can be hugely motivational as well as a positive experience. Which I think we all need right now, don’t we?

I help business owners to write winning words for their own awards applications, so that they can increase the exposure for their companies and bring in new business. It can be helpful to have the involvement of an external writer as we can be bashful about success, reluctant to appear boastful or sometimes, just not sure where to start. Equally the most commonly held myth is that you must be nominated by some secret benefactor or fan - no. Most often, you just nominate yourself, which can feel odd to begin with. But you know your business, products, services, team, better than anyone, and if you were standing in front of the ultimate customer, you would win that contract by highlighting your past achievements and showing them that you are the best.

Writing for an award is the same. Our conversations usually start with Company track record, the highs and lows, why they are good at what they do, what is their passion. Bit by bit, we get into the swing and create a powerful submission that truly captures the essence of what makes them special. And ultimately a compelling argument as to why they should win.

I also talk about how to use the awards to gain maximum return on their investment. For example, using the content elsewhere within the business, how to make the most of being a finalist, what to do if you win/don’t win. As cliched as it sounds, it is about the taking part. The winning is fantastic - don’t get me wrong, I am massively competitive - but the key is how to harness that exposure to bear business fruit.

After all, just like the lottery, you have to be in it to win it.

If you want to know more, come along to our online training session on Wednesday 20 January 2021 at 12noon where I will share lots of hints and tips so you can enter the Mainframe Awards 2021

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