Brands Matched in BrandMatch

By Robert Dawes and Jessica Frearson

At Future Proof Films, we’re big fans - and friends - of Mainframe, and when we heard about the Derby Brandmatch event they had put together with TwoGuys, we immediately jumped on board - who doesn’t want to have an introduction to companies looking for local talent to help fulfil their creative needs?

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Fashion Goes Digital In Derby

By Erica Horne

There’s much more to being a fashion designer than having an eye for style and a flair for design.  In an increasingly digital world a good working knowledge of CAD software is crucial but, unfortunately, it’s something that’s often overlooked on design courses.

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A Match Made In ....The Digial DropIn

At Mainframe we love putting on big events, with inspirational speakers on topics that we think will really impact digital and creative people in Derby & Derbyshire. However, the reality is we know that's just not everyone cup of tea or the evening slots don't suit everyone (especially if you have family like us) so we wanted to offer our community something in the daytime, something more relaxed. Digital DropIn was born.
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By Paul Rose

On the wall of my home office is a ‘Thought for the day’ that asks why most people don’t follow their dreams. It says that many people are too afraid of the potential greatness inside them. When I read it, I found that idea intriguing, so I cut it out and stuck it on the wall.  That was five years ago, just as I was handing in my resignation and walking out on my career.

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We care about your data.

By Hana York

QUAD has recently published a new Privacy Policy to give you information about the sort of data we hold and what we do with it. We are sharing this with you as Mainframe is a QUAD project. 

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Words from our winners...

By Charlene Sharp & Hana York from Mainframe Derby

The 2018 Mainframe Awards are still very much in our minds and we wanted to share the lovely comments our winners made about the awards, the Mainframe Community and being part of the creative and digital landscape of Derby & Derbyshire.

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Tomb Raider is Back From The Shadows.

By Luke Earle

I am a Tomb Raider fan. That’s the best way to start this. When I was five, me and my mother would walk past the Core Design studio and she would say to me “That’s where Lara Croft lives”. 

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Mainframe Awards 2018 Winners!

By Charlene Sharp & Hana York from Mainframe Derby

Creative and digital business celebrate success at Derby QUAD’s Mainframe Awards

Creative and digital business from across Derby and Derbyshire were recognised at the Mainframe Awards this week, highlighting the finest talent that the city and county has to offer.

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My South Pole Trip Q & A With Ghazala Ahmad-Mear

By GhazalaAhmad-Mear
Ghazala Ahmad-Mear is a surgeon in the NHS working in Sheffield. She is also an Associate Postgraduate Dean for Health Education England - Yorkshire and the Humber, and is a wife and a mother of two. In her spare time she likes adventure!

On the 15th January 2018, the South Pole Energy Challenge became the first polar expedition in history to use only renewable energy. This was clean energy technologies in the coldest, driest and most inhospitable place on earth. By personal invitation, she was the only female member of the team. Ghazala is very passionate about inspiring people to engage in renewable energy technology for a more sustainable future.

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From Mixed Realities to V21...they’re still Capturing Reality.

By Claire Cutts & Joe Clark, Owners at V21
It’s a year since Mixed Realities, now known as V21, completed their first 3D Virtual Tour of Derby College’s iconic Roundhouse, for Roundhouse Events.
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