New Children's Book – Just Like Duck

By Kirstie Adamson
JustLikeDuckJust Like Duck is the first in a new series 'Footsteps to follow in', a set of books inspired by those that make the world a nicer place, the ones who are kind, the ones that are giving, the ones who don't expect anything in return.

This first book is dedicated to Mick Peat, the founding president of Drystone and a legendary figure in East midlands music song and dance. During my early career, he supported and encouraged me in many ways, I feel very lucky to have known Mick and to have had such a positive influence in my life.
Page 12In the story, everyone is sad that the local concert hall is closing and duck sets about gathering his friends together to see what can be done to save it! There are many nods to Mick both in the illustrations and text that those that knew him will spot, I'm sure. However, it is also a standalone story for those that didn't. It gives children a role model, an example of working together and of how to treat others.
Funds from the sale of the original illustrations and a portion of the book sales will go to the Mick Peat Drystone Bursary, to encourage and facilitate creativity in all its forms. To be able to support a project that was important to him and contribute in some small way has been both cathartic and gratifying. He is continuing to bring people together and will always be fondly remembered. Applications for the Bursary close August 31st 2021 and the Bursary Award will be presented on The Mick Peat Stage at Derby Folk Festival 2021 on October 2nd.
Page 13All of the illustrations are created using ripped and cut magazines. I have been working in magazine collage since the 90s and I made it my specialism in 2007 after working and experimenting with a variety of reclaimed materials. I love seeing how far I can push this technique.
In 2018 I published the first in my 'Future Folklore' book series, 'Here's A Story I Heard Tell'. Featuring artwork taken from eighteen of my original magazine collages as well as sixteen factual poems about the wildlife featured. It is written as though they have already become incredibly rare or extinct as a subtle reminder of what will happen if we continue as we are. This series of books aims to document and encourage the preservation of our natural world. I'm currently enjoying working on the second book for this series.
Page 15
I was due to publish a book with Hannah Lobley in 2020 but this was delayed due to the pandemic. It accompanies our installation 'By Royal Decree' and tells the story of natures royals coming together to issue a decree to humankind to act on climate change and their reasons for doing so. We have the sample copies for this and the order should soon follow. We aim to make them available this summer. The installation will be part of the New Mills art trail this September and we are currently looking for future venues, particularly those who want to help bring the issue of climate change to the forefront.

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