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By Katapult


Here at Katapult, we are celebrating the company’s 20th birthday this year. What started as a creative start-up business direct from the University of Derby, is now a specialist themed attraction and experience design agency - our work can be enjoyed at over 80 attractions in 18 different countries around the world.

Just one of the activities we are doing to celebrate our birthday, is to look forward to the next 20 years and inspire future generations of creative minds to consider a career in the leisure and attractions industry.

To do this, we launched a workbook in February called, Become A Theme Park Designer - an online and print-friendly educational resource that children would have fun completing. Due to the ongoing pandemic and school closures as a result, we also wanted to create the workbook to give parents and teachers some much needed respite from homeschooling too.

the Workbook For Kids

The workbook is aimed at children studying at Key Stage Level 2 and provides them with Maths, English and Art activities within the context of a theme park. Just some of the challenges in the workbook include:

  • Researching and thinking about a target market
  • Creating “themed” areas of the park and describing what makes them unique
  • Building a bird’s-eye view plan of the park
  • Selecting rides and amenities to include
  • Keeping to a budget
  • Designing a top theme park attraction ride
  • Designing the park logo, main entrance and queue lines

All of these activities are similarly aligned to the work that we do at Katapult, to create attractions and experiences that amaze and engage visitors, while providing benefits for attraction operators too.

Themepark 1Themepark 2

Themepark 3Themepark 4

A Competition of Creativity

To foster even greater creativity among the children taking part in our initiative, we’re also running a competition until the school Easter holidays on Sunday 4th April. We want to reward young designers who have a fantastic imagination which is why we’ll be giving away a special hamper of goodies for the best designs - as well as featuring all worthy entries on our website and social media streams.

You can download the workbook and find out more about the competition by visiting:

Bring Positivity

As we all know, the world can be a scary place for adults and children right now, but something that can provide inspiration and a break from the day-to-day restrictions we find ourselves in, is creativity. We want to unlock that creativity for children even more, and let them know that what they are good at now, can become a career in the future too.

We end our workbook with a simple message for children, which we believe in so much here at Katapult, especially during these times that tentatively balance hope and despair:

To the creative kids reading this right now, we want to say to you; Keep on drawing and making and writing and building. You’re brilliant at what you do and your dreams are within grasp when you keep on trying.

We need some positivity in the world right now, we’re hoping this gives children, parents and teachers just a little extra glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Here’s to the next 20 years.

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