I’m an accountant - WAIT don’t go...

By Ian Ball

Ian BallIDB that’s me

I’m an accountant WAIT don’t go.

What IDB is about

I’m not your usual type of accountant who just pesters you at year end then disappears again for 12 months. I’m interested in your business, want to be your business’ wingman and help you achieve your goals.

I’m Ian and I set up IDB Accountancy last year. My aim is super simple: be one step ahead, aim for happiness over everything and be a truly trusted advisor.

I get that time is precious and we all want to spend time doing the stuff we love. I am an entrepreneur and small business owner so understand the challenges business owners face and have come up with services that I know will support YOU.

What sets me apart from your traditional account is my Business Development service. We all know that business and accounting are serious stuff but here is where it gets fun, fun, fun!

What is my Business Development service?

  • Improving your business performance and financial results – I dive into the results to see where you are winning and possible opportunities to improve.
  • Cash flow forecasting – cash is king – Setting monthly financial targets for a minimum 12-month period. This enables you to regularly measure actual results against budget, responding to any change in your business, and have control over your cash flow.
  • Accountability – understanding your goals and keeping you on track to achieve them.
  • Management accounts – giving you a snapshot of the performance of your business and to help focus.
  • Organisational review – are you wearing too many hats? Let’s have a look at roles and responsibilities and make sure everyone in your business is playing to their strengths.

I really want to dive into your business and understand what makes it tick alongside getting to know the individuals, so we create strong partnerships. I want to see what you do, celebrate your achievements, highlight any potential issues, improve your cashflow and ensure you grow, grow, grow in a way that makes you happy!

KarlKarl Shaw, yes Mr Shaw of Silver Birch Creative says “he’s like a Duracell bunny!”

"Ian has been a breath of fresh air to Silver Birch. His enthusiastic approach to our business makes us feel confident he actually cares about us.

His RAD persona makes him unique within the accountancy world. This makes him perfect for the creative sector”


Check out my website https://www.idbaccountancy.co.uk/about/

for all the services on offer from IDB Accountancy.