FreeCreate – Connecting Professional Creatives with Amazing Charities

By Tim Bassford
Freecreate_LogoFreeCreate uses the power of creativity to support those in need. It is an initiative that aims to connect talented professional creatives with grass roots charities that need their help to raise money or promote their cause. Think of it as pro bono creative work with clear boundaries and agreed expectations.

Our vision is to build a bank of creatives and creative agencies who want to give something back to their community or a charity they are passionate about. Projects usually have minimal or no budget but the idea is that the professional creative is doing the work either as part of a wider ‘corporate social responsibility’ or just because they want to do something to help others in need.

I began FreeCreate around 2 years ago whilst working on promoting a charity fashion show with Emmanuel House Support Centre. A friend of mine who worked there asked if I would help with the promotion of the event and perhaps create some videos to document the process.


As I got more involved in the project I realised that we needed more people to achieve our ambitious goals. A few phone calls later and we had a photography agency providing free materials, a team of photographers and support staff and others supporting the video production for no charge. I was blown away by the generosity and talent of those involved and thought it would be great to be able to facilitate more of this ‘creativity for good’.

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I have been employed by various creative agencies for the last 14 years or so. Having worked with many household and global brands I LOVE the challenge of creating impactful marketing materials that help businesses promote their services and increase their bottom line. It is self-evident that making money and helping others make money is how we all get by and it can be great fun and extremely rewarding. When I set up my own company, I wanted to take the opportunity to create a culture where we spend a percentage of time being more intentional in supporting those in need. If you’re lucky, you’ll spend 40+years of your life working in a career you enjoy - why not look for ways to benefit others who are in need whilst you’re at it?


We are careful to avoid exploiting goodwill, expanding the project scope, or promising FreeCreate work will ever lead to paid work because of any connections made. The idea is simple: We connect professional creatives with charities they would love to support with their time and skills.


If you, or your company is interested in taking part in a FreeCreate project (either as a charity or creative service) please visit and fill in the enquiry form. We’re particularly interested in graphic designers, illustrators, animators, videographers and copywriters but we’d love to hear from any creative looking for an opportunity to support charitable work.

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Visit the FreeCreate website or our instagram account to find out more.