Free Drama Workshops with Anansi Theatre Company

By Anansi Theatre Company

ATC TeamHello, we are Anansi Theatre Company and we have been successful in securing funding from Community Action Derby to deliver creative workshops to children and young people, especially those who are underrepresented.

About Anansi Theatre Company

Creativity, mindfulness and wellbeing are at the heart of Anansi Theatre Company.

The Anansi Theatre Company established in 2021. The Artist and Artistic Director Lauren Nicole Whitter had a vision to create a theatre company which incorporates issues of importance in our current culture and society.

A strong advocate for the destigmatisation of mental health, Lauren wants all women of colour to have a space to create, share and feel safe in doing so. Lauren also wants the vision to transcend through all levels of society including hard to reach communities and young people. Women identifying disability communities and the LGBTQ+ community are also a part of the solution in making our society safer, diverse, accessible and inclusive.

Intersectional women are at the heart of Anansi Theatre Company. With a brilliant team of creative women of colour who identify within many other protected characteristics, Anansi Theatre Company is ready to change the world.

We are extremely excited to be an Associate Company of Derby Theatre and we have been supported by many theatres and organisations in Derby and beyond.

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Providing workshops and creating performances for these groups:

Primary Focus and Demographic:
Women of colour in mainly in the East Midlands, and the Midlands Region.
Women who suffer with mental health issues, low self esteem and lack of confidence. Also women from different ethnic backgrounds who want to learn new creative skills and be a part of a supportive community in the East Midlands in the Midlands Region and beyond.

Secondary Focus and Demographic:
Children in schools (Primary and Secondary), Youth Groups and Community Groups in multicultural areas mainly in the East Midlands and the Midlands Region.

The workshops below will act as a taste of what we would like to offer Derby and other areas in the East Midlands and beyond!

Workshop dates

We will be looking at the Anansi spider story using physical theatre and story-telling all at 5pm - 7pm.

anansi theatre companyLet's Chat

Get in touch with regards to the workshops/collaborations or if you would like to know a bit more about what we do