Facebook Newsfeed Changes - Our Thoughts

By Ben Meakin, Creative & Digital Marketing Manager at Fluid Ideas
There’s one powerful American that causes a stir in the world of social media nearly every day, but on January 12th, an announcement from the man who’s platform garners the attention of 2bn of us around the planet sparked a frenzy amongst digital marketers across the globe.
We’re beyond the initial panic now, but it’s obvious that Mark Zuckerberg’s plan to radically
change the focus of Facebook’s News Feed algorithm has sent shockwaves across the community,with many heralding the end of a golden-age for brands on the platform.
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We’re not so convinced that this is the end with all social media platforms, there’s one thing we know for sure — change is constant. We’ve adapted before and there’s definitely no reason to now reject Facebook as a powerful channel in your marketing playbook. With that in mind, let’s jump into our main takeaways from the Facebook announcement.

1. Facebook Live will continue to play an important role.BenM Blog 2.png
Already holding a top position in the algorithm, Facebook Live is something which you really need to be embracing, especially if your brand is consumer focussed. In April last year, one in five videos watched on the platform were already live and that trend was truly growing. In his announcement, Zuck outlined specifically that Live would continue to do well on News Feed and with the platform launching its original video platform ‘Watch’ — we’d bet that Live will continue to become a major asset for brands on Fb.                                                                                             
2. User-Generated Content.                        “Remember that a person’s name is to that person, the sweetest and most important sound in any language” - Dale Carnegie. Although first published in 1937, this quote from How to Win Friends and Influence People, still rings true in the world of marketing today. On social, everyone loves their five seconds of fame, when a brand replies to a tweet it genuinely gives us a warm fuzzy feeling. It’s this idea that makes User Generated Content work; share someone's Instagram, give them a shout-out for a great review, encourage them to be the centre of your brand and you will generate conversations — funnily enough, the key aspect that News Feed will now take into account.

3. Groups are back with a bang.
So you’ve probably not thought about groups for your social marketing, in fact, you may not have interacted with a Fb group full stop for a while, well things have changed. Last year Facebook introduced a whole heap of new features for groups, including being able to link one to a business page allowing you to comment and post as a brand within that group. Again, because of their community fostering focus, Groups will continue to be a core part of how Facebook develops moving forward and we believe that there are untapped bounties to be had for brands not currently utilising them.

4. The rise of the bots.
For years, marketers and brands have been dealing with the growth of ‘dark social’ and messaging platforms. How do you possibly reach someone in Messenger or WhatsApp in a way that doesn’t seem intrusive or spammy? Luckily, bots have started to gain acceptance with the wider public and with it comes a whole host of opportunities to reach consumers with your products. You can use a bot to manage your savings, we developed a test bot that can show you GIFs at random and with messenger now integrating with Paypal — it’s easy to see a future where people interact with your brand, from awareness to purchase, purely within Messenger. So now that the dust has settled and the world of social media marketing still seems to be turning, we think the key thing to remember is that social media is called so for a reason — it’s meant to be social. Whether it’s using the tactics above or through your community management, remember to create conversations and not just default to becoming a loud hailer.