A multi-coloured evening of swaps and awards!

By Rachel Hayward

The-Swap-ShopThe Swap Shop is thrilled to be joining Mainframe for some live studio swapping as part of the Mainframe  Awards 2021 ceremony.

Adding even more pazazz to a wonderful night of celebration for small creative business and their expert professionals, we’re bringing you, for the very first time, the chance to swap LIVE with the audience.

What is The Swap Shop?

Swap Shop is a free to use online platform made for small business and charities to swap their business skills, talents, products and services with others, for free, to help make small business budgets stretch further in these testing times.  By creating a mutual exchange - a swap - we can get back to business quicker together.  Created and road tested in Derby during 2020, the Swap Shop is now UK wide, with nearly 600 members all just wanting to help each other.

So, back to the awards night…

Rachel Hayward and Dean Jackson, two of the co-creators from the Swap Shop, will be in the Mainframe Awards studio - socially distanced of course - with PoshPaws the multi-coloured dinosaur, waiting to promote your small business swaps during the ad breaks from the main event.

What sort of things could you swap?

Anything business related, that can help boost your profile, build your business, increase your confidence and share your expertise

  • Maybe you can offer some free samples of your work in return for some advice to get your business booming?
  • Perhaps you are an expert in getting the most from your marketing budget, and need some financial advice in return?
  • Do you need some updated headshots for your website and in return you can swap your technical know-how?

The Swap Shop is run for you, by you…so on the Mainframe Awards night, once you are logged in and watching the show, just use the chat function, send in your swap using #MainframeSwapLive as your hashtag and we will pick it up and shout it from the rooftops…

Who knows, your ideal match could just be a click away…Everyone needs a bit of swapping in their lives…

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Find out more about The Swap Shop:

Website: www.derbyswapshop.co.uk