Mainframe Awards 2020 is Back!

By Mainframe
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What a Difference 6 Months Makes!

By Mark Williams

Mark Williams the director of Creative Studios Derby, a specialist Adobe training studio.

At the beginning of March this year Creative Studios had at least 5 months of Adobe training booked in. This included classroom courses here at the studio in Derby, onsite training at various locations around the country, lectures scheduled in for students at various Universities and evening courses prepared for QUAD.

Then it all stopped, face to face training ground to a halt for over 5 months!

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A Life of Spectrums

By Jo Berthelot

Spectrum’ is a well-known word. Some associate it with colours, some with autism. Different spectrums run all throughout our lives, but sometimes we don’t recognise them.

I recently gave a talk on the topic of ‘Spectrum’ at CreativeMornings/Derby, and this article will summarise the thoughts I shared.

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The show must go on...

By Paul Ince

When people use the word 'challenging' to describe 2020, I know they are using that very British of techniques: understatement.

Still, it's better than using 'unprecedented' which has to be the most overused word EVER.

I'm so happy to see venues like QUAD finally reopen after so long. There is something about attending an arts venue that nourishes the soul, even when there is no performance at that moment. The anticipation of drama. The essence of creativity. The feeding of the brain through knowledge.
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Business Support, Surveys and Useful Links..

By Charlene Sharp

Words such as unprecedented, pivot, the new normal, recovery and WFH (working from home) have all become words that have formed part of the everyday vocabulary it seems as we navigate our way through these times due to the effects of the coronavirus.

As the UK begins to slowly ease its way out of lockdown over the coming weeks, we wanted to let you know that you are not alone and we at Mainframe are here to support or signpost you to the relevant help that is required.

Below is a round-up of some of the support/useful information that we have come across and thought might be of use.

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What was, what is and what could be … A COVID19 story

By Tim Elliott

Not for self promotion but just a little context let me start by introducing myself.

I’m Tim, I work as a solo / freelance consultant working with leaders and entrepreneurs to help them apply creativity to grow themselves and their organisations.

A strong 95% of work involves me facilitating groups of people for a day or a few days, in a room … or at least it did.

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You shoot. We edit. You market.

By Jess Frearson
We wanted to find a way to help people to keep filming and creating during the Coronovirus.  Pro Remote Video is the perfect solution to creating professional-quality video content at a distance and without a film crew. Allowing you to be reactive and to continue marketing.
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Derby Creative Design Agency Scoop Two Prestigious Industry Awards

By Lee Marples

A Derby based Creative and Digital Marketing agency have scooped not one, but two, awards that recognise the talent and effort of the best web designers, developers and agencies in the world based on their first submission.

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Mainframe Awards 2020 Judges

By Charlene Sharp
Back in November 2019, we announced that the submissions was open for the Mainframe Awards 2020. Fast forward a few months and here we are announcing those who have been shortlisted.
Having gone through all the submissions it's then over to the judges to  make the all important decision to decide on a winner and two runners up for their category.
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5 things I've learnt from my first year running an agency

By Holly Daulby

Honest Communications turned one in November - a cause for celebration that I’d got to this milestone. The agency’s first birthday was also a good moment to step back and take stock of everything I’ve learned in the first 365 days of running a business.

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